How many hours do other MMA fighters train?

How many hours do other MMA fighters train, either per day or weekly, and how much do they eat in order to sustain this? Just trying to compare my training schedule to others’.

Thanks a lot in advanced.

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  1. Captain Says:

    8 hours a day

    Around 6000 calories per day.

  2. Tom P Says:

    While some MMA fighters that fight FULL time might train 8 hours per day, most don’t. Typically a cardio routine in the morning for about 1 or 2. In the afternoon/evening some strength training or MMA training. These usually alternate days.

    I train cardio 6 days a week. I do strength training 3 days a week HARD and 3 days a week moderate (usually the days I train MMA). I train BJJ Tue, Thur, Fri mornings, and Sun. I train Muay Thai Mon, Wed, and some Fri nights.

    My diet isn’t over the top……I eat a lot of sushi (almost every day). I fight 155lbs and I maintain about 172-174 daily on a 4000ish diet. I drink tons of water.

    Hope that helps

  3. Kin M Says:

    I train MMA, but I don’t fight in it yet. This is mostly since I’m new at grappling and I kind of suck at it. So, yeah, I don’t know if my answer counts.

    In the mornings — 4 or 5 days a week — I’ll do some cardio and bag work. I usually spend 2 hours or so at the gym, but that includes changing and a quick shower.

    On Mon(sub grappling/MMA), Weds (sub grappling/MMA), Fri(sanda, sub grappling/MMA), and Sat (sanda) I work on hard on conditioning as well as technique.

    On Tues I work boxing and sub grappling. On Sunday and Thursday I do Judo. I also work very lightly on general standup early on Sunday afternoon.

    So all in all, I spend about 3 hours a day training, around seven days a week. But I’ll often take a day or two off if I’m too sore.

    I…don’t know how much I eat. I probably should figure that out.

  4. Lord_Oddeye Says:

    Professionally, I think it’s safe to assume that they train at least 8 hours a day.

    If you’ve got a family/kids/job/other responsibility type things to consider, then I think you might be able to squeeze 2-3 hours of training a day out of a given schedule. That doesn’t allow for room for much else though. At least, that’s a schedule I’ve been able to eeke out a time or two between working two jobs and being a full time student.

  5. jamesf24 Says:

    If you have cable, you can watch shows on MTV or Spike TV called where they go “inside” and watch guys get ready for UFC events.

    From I’ve watched (BJ Penn, Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddell) I would say that alot of those guys train 6-8 hours a day, but not consecutive hours.

    1-2 hours early in the morning

    Spar for an hour in the afternoon

    Strength training for an hour after sparring

    Rest for a few hours, then move on to more specific training (technique, anaerobic traning, style specific, fight specific, or supplemental, swimming etc.)

    I suggest you get your own personal trainer to plan this for you. It’s not easy to do without over training and injuring yoursef.


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